If you decline an invitation, you’ll be put back into the Express Entry pool of candidates if you’re still eligible. You’ll be considered in future rounds of invitations.

In some cases, you may have to take steps to be considered again for the pool. For example:
•you may need to get another job offer if you got additional points for a job offer, but the job is no longer available to you
•you’ll have to update your Express Entry profile if your marital status changed

There is no guarantee that you’ll be invited to apply again. However, if you choose to re-enter the pool, declining an invitation won’t have a negative effect on whether or not you could be invited to apply later.

If you don’t decline an invitation and you don’t apply within 90 days, the invitation will expire. To be considered in future rounds of invitations you’ll have to:
•complete and submit a new Express Entry profile
•meet the eligibility
•be accepted to the pool again